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Why 95FIVE?

Our book and The People Process is universal; whether you're an individual looking for self help, a leader, church congregation, or in need of a tool to help disciple a friend or family member, 95FIVE is right for the job.


For Leaders

The People Process is an excellent resource for Christian leaders.  Based on the pattern used by Jesus, it is built around our concept of micro groups, an innovative way that two to four individuals can participate together as growing disciples who support each other.  Small group leaders especially will find this program a valuable tool to mobilize their group strategically to accomplish learning and growth. 
Click here to read more about micro groups.

For Churches

It has long been understood that the most effective growth is exponential rather than additional.  That means growth through multiplication instead of merely by addition.  We are commanded to make disciples, with the view that disciples produce other disciples, giving strategic growth to the church and increasing its influence in our culture.  The 95FIVE approach embraces exponential growth, not only in the process of discipleship but through learning and modeling effective relationship skills. 
Click here to learn more about our 95FIVE relationship principles.


For Discipling

Disciples making disciples is the heart of church growth strategy.  It is the mission that Jesus gave to us.  95FIVE believes that when it comes to actually making someone into a disciple, smaller group size is more effective than larger sizes.  Christians get massive benefit from congregational teaching and small-group instruction.  We support pastors and group leaders wholeheartedly, which is why we identified a strategy that Jesus implemented and have developed a powerful but simple tool to supplement the efforts of church leaders serious about training disciples. 
Read here about our SKILLS Micro Groups.

For Individuals

Life can get on top of us at times.  It seems like a struggle to manage our challenges, pressures, and relationships.  While none of us can live a completely pressure-free life, we can live without unnecessary pain and chaos when we learn effective relationship skills based on the wisdom of the Bible.  God shows us the way to success in His word, and 95FIVE has taken on the task of communicating the scriptural principles behind these skills to help individuals be more effective in their walk with God and more influential in their relationships with others. 
Click here to learn more about 95FIVE’s 52-section program.

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