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The People Process

The 95FIVE People Process is our innovative, multimedia,  experience that gives you weekly information, encouragement, biblical guidance, and the opportunity for meaningful reflection.

How To Manage Critical Relationships Whether
They Are Healthy Or Challenging

When you utilize the 95FIVE approach, the results will be that your healthy relationships become stronger and you will have the skills to build and strengthen relationships that create pressure and stress.

How To Be Credible & Influential In The
Relationships That Affect You Most

Navigating a world full of people with different beliefs and worldviews can be challenging when they don’t align with yours.  95FIVE will teach you skills to ensure that your beliefs, worldview and behavior are in alignment so that your influence and credibility will not negatively impact your relationships.

How To Manage
Pressure & Stress

Pressure and stress is something every human must learn to manage effectively in order to have peace and happiness.  95FIVE will demonstrate an effective strategy for pressure management that impacts our most valued treasures:  Our relationships.

The Critical Mindset You Need To More Effectively
Protect Your Life From Preventable Disaster

When you invest so much energy building a healthy life and strong relationships, there is pressure to protect those you love from chaos and bad choices.  95FIVE will give you the skills to make better choices, which will help you avoid the chaos of unplanned challenges.

The Simple Alteration You Can Make Of Your
View Of The World So You Can Be
Happier & More Positive

The most successful people in the world still struggle with depression, anxiety, anger and countless other challenges.  Being intentional towards a weakness is a sign of maturity and care for yourself and others.  95FIVE will give you the tools to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself, and be considerate and thoughtful to the needs of others.

Create A Strategy To Make Your Good
Intentions A Reality

If being effective in relationships is important to you, and you want your intentions to be consistent with your results, then you will need a strategy that is measurable.  95FIVE will help you develop a strategy that will improve the choices you make, how you interact with the world, and how to make sure your behavior matches your beliefs.


 During Your Journey Through The People Process
You Will Receive:

Model Stories

One model story revolving around a fictional family and their friends, whose life situations reflect the need for solid biblical relationship skills.


A podcast recording addressing issues reflected in the reading section, model story, and Bible study.

Reading Sections

Discover how to respond to life's pressures rather than react to them, prevent your relational stress fractures from negatively affecting others, strengthen your relationships, and adopt a mindset that ensures integrity in your beliefs and authentic influence with other people.

Interactive Material

Questions for reflection and strategy.  If you are a journaler, these can be great additions to your journal.

Bible Studies

One Bible study designed to reinforce what you are learning each week.


Whether through video or text, we want to encourage you to keep going and to prepare you for the next week’s section.

SKILLS Micro Groups

While you can benefit from this program by participating alone, we highly recommend you take the journey with one to three other people. 

We further define them as SKILLS Micro Groups.  SKILLS is an acronym that stands for Spirituality, Knowledge, Influence, Liberty, Learning, and Strategy, all principles of biblical Christianity that we reflect in our books, programs, and ministry.  SKILLS Micro Groups consist of up to four individuals who journey together through the 52-section program and partner together for support and encouragement to become more effective disciples who learn and implement vital relationship skills to their relationships.  


To learn more about SKILLS Micro Groups click here.

What You Get With The People Process:


  • 4 physical copies of Conflict Character and Influence

  • 4 digital eBook of Conflict Character and Influence

  • Access for 4 people to The People Process

    • 52 daily readings that teach the skills that will help you be effective​

    • 52 model stories that will help you relate the skills to daily living

    • 52 bible studies to help understand what God has to say about people and how to manage relationships

    • A podcast for each skill and ongoing interviews with experts to give you insight into what God has modeled for us regarding people and how we should interact with them

  • Ongoing access to the resources and learning opportunities in our 95FIVE community

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