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Who We Are

95FIVE is a Research-based ministry that seeks to support churches in their efforts to be more effective and strategic in training disciples.  We analyze current trends from reputable sources, gather insight from church and ministry leaders along a cross section of churches and organizations, partner with Christian professionals to produce tools that are useful to church leaders, and grow a strategic community of those who align with the principles we embrace.


We have identified four key principles of discipleship:


Effectiveness in relationship skills is key to being effective disciples.

  One of the biggest hindrances to Christians becoming who God

intends for them to be is that

they do not know how to

  effectively navigate the pressures

and conflict that comes into their relationships with others in their

life (read about the meaning of 95FIVE in the Relationships section

in the main menu).


Strategic Christianity is influential Christianity.

God is strategic.  The way we can

best reflect His character is to be strategic in how we build and strengthen our relationships and our church ministries.


The Bible teaches the power of partnership.

Disciples best develop in the bonds

of partnership that extend from their congregational and small group experience.  We believe that when churches become intentional in promoting partnership in their discipleship programs and small groups, they will realize much

greater results.


Being a Christian practitioner is much too often substituted for genuine discipleship.

We are not “taking up our cross” by going to church each week, listening to Christian music, and merely being part of the faith community.  Those choices are great, but discipleship only happens when we apply what

we learn to efforts at influencing others with Christ’s transforming work.  We cannot please God unless we engage ourselves in the church’s work of making disciples.

95FIVE loves churches.  They do so many wonderful things to communicate the gospel and bless millions of individuals with powerful teaching, worship and music.  Technology is available to our faith communities that enable us to function and communicate in ways we could not have less than a generation ago.  95FIVE feels that we can meaningfully contribute to the efforts of churches and individuals who are serious about extending their Christian influence into the lives of others.


We do that with fellow believers who love the church as we do, and who feel the burden of a diluted influence in our increasingly secular culture.  If you believe that your character and influence are critical to effective discipleship, and that it is important to represent Christ authentically in your church and relationships, this community is for you.

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