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What Would God Tell You About The Health Of Your Relationships With The People In Your Life?

You can do 95% of the things in your life and relationships correctly, but if you neglect the 5% of the things you don’t manage well, that negligence or lack of relational skills can eventually cause a healthy relationship to become broken.  

But how can you course correct without the proper roadmap?

With The 95FIVE People Process,
You Will Discover How To:
  • Respond to pressure rather than react to it

  • Learn how to have authentic influence with others

  • Prevent your relational stress fractures from negatively affecting others

  • Strengthen your relationships

  • Adopt a mindset that ensures integrity in your beliefs

Learn More About 95FIVE

Learn why 95Five is perfect for leaders, churches, disciples, and individuals.

95FIVE likes the micro group approach because it brings discipleship instruction back to a more personal level than merely leaving growing Christians to glean what they can from larger group teaching.

See an overview of the 52-section program that's bringing people closer to themselves, their relationships, and God.

95FIVE takes these powerful principles and communicates them in a fresh way to demonstrate how significantly our lives and faith can improve if we learn and practice them.

Meet the authors and discover the mission behind 95Five.

Our first book, Conflict Character and Influence:  Pleasing God Through Building Effective Relationships is now available.

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